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8th Mar 2022



This was evident last year in our Women @ Akshaya 2021 Event where we celebrated two women entrepreneurs Ms. Malar & Ms. Shanti. To jog your memory, twenty five years back Malar & Shanti started as simple Mazdoors, became Maistries and are today independent contractors.

Akshaya has always had the advantage of having women employed in every department, across the board. What’s more, Akshaya benefits from having a unique workplace diversity with women employees who hail from all over India. This diversity infuses fresh perspective into our thought process and creates a culture that is unlike any other corporation you may have seen.

I am proud to say that women play a major role in the camaraderie that Akshaya is always known for. When you enter Akshaya, you’ll have a very familiar feeling - from the reception to the pantry to finance to marketing to sales, you’ll always find a face that will light up your day with a warm smile, or a hand that will offer you food or a voice that will help you find what you’re looking for. And then you’ll realise, the feeling is familiar, because it is the feeling of being home.


And that is why…

Akshaya to me, is not just an organisation.

Akshaya to me, is family.

And what is family if not for its women?

Happy Women’s Day.


T Chitty Babu


Chairman & CEO, Akshaya Pvt Ltd


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