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18th Oct 2021



Every human being is born with purpose. How they go about finding and achieving that purpose depends on how they kindle the burning flame within. Any kind of change in the world, begins with an idea. Gandhiji’s vision to change the world started with an idea of ahimsa. He was able to achieve the ultimate goal by kindling that fire not just within himself, but by igniting the idea of an independent India in the hearts of millions of countrymen and women.

Thus, any idea, to reach its fullest expression, needs the coming together, the collective thinking, the synergy and the burning desire of like-minded people, to create a brighter, more prosperous future not just for themselves, but for everyone around them.

That is the journey of an entrepreneur. And I believe, the spark of entrepreneurship must be ignited from within every organisation, in the mind of every single employee.

But how do you inspire a fresher and your next Vice President alike?

How do you keep them motivated to come to work everyday with the same passion as you?

How do you make them a part of the journey towards greatness and not be just a mere bystander?

You create for them a Total Ownership Experience. You give them a tangible version of your vision, tell them how their contribution will have a positive impact in the long term goal of the company. But you also give them the freedom to express themselves with every challenge they encounter.

You take them through a journey of professional self-discovery. Every individual is gifted, each approaches life in a different way. You teach them as much as you learn from them. But you also look at every employee as someone collaborating with you, and not just working for you, to create a better future for everyone.

You’ll soon notice they discover an innovative, creative side to themselves. They can take up a project on their own and see it to completion through creative thinking. In short you groom them to be intrapreneurs within the organisation.

And when the time is right, you see them leave their cocoon and fly off to start a new venture of their own. Don’t stop them. They are ready to enter the next phase of life - the phase you entered when you started this very company. Let them fly, let them feel the excitement, the adrenaline rush. From being a job seeker, they will now become job givers. They will help turn the wheels of economy. And one day they will come and collaborate with you on a vision much, much larger and together you will break new ground and magic will happen.

This is the culture my core team and I have tried to cultivate since day one. Many of my employees have gone on to do great things. They keep in touch with us, they keep us abreast of their achievements and we always look at opportunities to collaborate.

Beyond these young entrepreneurs, who we have had the privilege to take under our wing, is the core team of Akshaya - the personnel who came in, made a difference, but chose to stay for the longer run, going forth above and beyond the call of duty in creating a brand that today stands tall as one of India’s most respected, admired and awarded companies in India. They are the folks the young cadre looks up to, and draws inspiration from. They are the ones who tirelessly mentor their team and help create a conducive environment for everyone to flourish.

For me every individual who has worked with Akshaya is an ambassador of the brand. They absorb the culture we create and contribute to their fullest capability. And when they go forth to create something on their own, a part of this enterprising culture organically fuses into the DNA of their creation and the culture is thus carried further.

Just like ahimsa would have been a mere word today if not for the collective belief of millions then, a brand is also a mere word if not for the collective faith, wisdom and aspiration of a group of people who nourish it, with their thoughts and ideas, and kindle the eternal flame of the company, as its living, beating heart.

On this 26th Anniversary, I would like to thank every single individual I have had the pleasure to work with. You are the reason Akshaya is what it is today. It has been an honour.

Thank you. Take care & stay safe.


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