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15th Sep 2020

 "Study engineering, you'll get a stable job", we've have heard so many times at varying times in our adolescent life. It's not wrong to assume, there was a time when many Indian kids decided to become engineers even before they could spell E - N - G - I - N - E - E- R. No wonder then that today, India produces close to 25% of the world's engineers.

Engineering does provide stability as a 'job', but it plays a larger role in creating a stable society, nation and world. Every technology we know of today had an engineering influence in its evolution. From nails to neural networks, engineering is at the core of invention.

In the 1950s, a government job was the most sought after. For many, it was the pre-requisite for a marriage proposal to be approved! By the 1970s, banking jobs were much coveted. Not to take away from doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants and many more highly specialised skills, but every few generations, the populace has always migrated towards adopting one sector as the aspirational dream job. Since the 80s, this dream job has been to become an engineer. To every parent today, their child being an engineer is a matter of pride.

Engineering is not just about design, construction and machines. Engineering is a way of thinking. It is a skillset that defines your approach towards solving any problem. Imagine, what started out as the four core branches of engineering - civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical - now spread their influence over non engineering fields offering multi-speciality courses in medical sciences, finance, economics, public policy, business management and accounting, to name a few. You have numerous courses on biotechnology, engineering management and design engineering with highly specialised verticals in each of those intersections.

From architectural marvels like the Pyramids of Giza to the Brihadiswara temple, from establishing connectivity like the railways to the World Wide Web. Engineers have always pushed the limits of human imagination making the unthinkable, a reality. The larger we dream as a civilisation, the more we empower the common man. A child with a smart phone in an Indian town today, has the same power as a child anywhere else in the world. And in today's world more than ever, we need our engineers to dream beyond the finite lines of what is possible and impossible.

As our engineers now slowly step out of home after months of work-from-home, we wish them a world of happiness and positivity. Once again, we rely on your strong shoulders to go conquer the unseen, navigating uncharted waters to guide mankind into the next decade. May the force be with you!

Happy Engineer's Day.


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