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3rd May 2021

My thoughts on the second wave, humanity and what a better tomorrow warrants.


When the first wave of the pandemic receded, things looked positive. Businesses pivoted, restarted operations and did everything they could to stay afloat. Prices stabilised, consumers started spending, existing stocks across industries were being absorbed, real estate saw a flurry of new launches and life was limping back to a semblance of normalcy.


Then the second wave hit.


Everyone was aware that the rest of the world was experiencing a second, and in some cases a third wave. The signs were clear that we would face another wave, but we were blindsided by the joy normalcy had brought back into our lives. Maybe it's our characteristic short memory, like how the Tsunami, floods, cyclone have all come and gone and the lessons, we as individuals learnt in terms of disaster management are now a distant memory. The Government is doing all it can - these are times like we've never seen before - so there is a steep learning curve with every wave and every department is grappling with what needs to be done next.


This is where we, as a society, need to own up and have collective responsibility.

To me, collective responsibility is a function of individuals, employees, families and leaders coming together with a subset of shared responsibilities that helps create a better society for the future.


As Individuals - we need to have Moral Responsibility - in that, we are responsible for our individual actions and, our actions have consequences. Positive actions benefit mankind multifold - we need to extend our help to our brethren in whatever capacity we can - be it delivering food packages to arranging medical aid. Remember, we humans only have each other - a small act of kindness today from you can be life changing for someone else.


As Employees - we need to have Professional Responsibility - in that, we are responsible for playing our part in the organisation to the fullest extent possible. In such trying times, each employee needs to imbibe a sense of ownership, go beyond the call of duty and help the organisation chart its course towards a more stable future.


As Families - we need to have Personal Responsibility - in that, we all have our part to play in the family. As a daughter, son, father, mother, siblings, elders. In these uncertain times, wise decisions will ensure the safety and security of the family, not just today, but for years to come - not just health-wise but financially also.



As Leaders - we need to have Social Responsibility - in that, we need to understand that our actions need to be benefit society. We have to ensure economic growth has a positive impact on the welfare of the state. We need to have a long-term plan, all things considered.

This Labor Day, I am taking the opportunity to reach out to every single person making a living for themselves and their families to foster the importance of collective responsibility, especially during such turbulent times. I hope I was able to nudge you.


One small step. That's all it takes. 


Thank you for reading my thoughts. 


Happy Labor Day. Take Care & Stay Safe.


T Chitty Babu

Chairman & CEO, Akshaya Pvt Ltd

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