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Why is OMR a Lucrative Location for Investing in Villa Plots?

21st Sep 2023

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As the sun rises over Chennai's eastern horizon, it sheds a golden glow over a stunning change that has occurred through the years. The Old Mahabalipuram Road, often known as OMR, was once a tranquil stretch of land but has since been transformed into a busy hub of chances and hopes. This bustling neighborhood has seen the emergence of not just technical behemoths and educational institutions, but it has also become a shelter for real estate investors, notably in the domain of villa plots.

Ahead in the blog, we will discuss the several factors that make purchasing villa plots in the real estate market of Chennai a wise choice. OMR offers an array of advantages that form a compelling image for investors, including its unrivaled connectivity to educational and IT centers, its strategic closeness to well-known sites, and the easy access it gives to social life and entertainment. We'll also get into the strong infrastructure that supports OMR's development and the potential rental market that turns villa plots into reliable sources of revenue.

Let’s dig in to explore the hidden treasures that make OMR an appealing location for intelligent investors seeking both value and prosperity.

A Path to Progress: Uncovering the Investment Potential of OMR

  1. Access to Educational And Information Technology Hubs

    The pinnacles of education and creativity are nestled along the picturesque OMR. This terrain is dotted with prestigious educational institutions and large IT parks, fostering intellectual growth and professional advancement. Consider buying a villa plot near these information powerhouses, where your investment not only grows but also becomes a cornerstone of future possibilities.
    Being surrounded by an array of well-known companies like TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, Hexaware, and Polaris, OMR is a gateway to unmatched possibilities.
  2. Convenience to Well-Known Locations

    OMR's attractiveness goes beyond its intellectual and technological capabilities. Its excellent position puts it within walking distance of beautiful beaches, cultural monuments, and world-class healthcare. With every convenience at your fingertips, investing in villa plots in OMR is a lifestyle choice as well as a financial one.
    Surrounding areas such as Chrompet, Velachery, Perumbakkam, Meenambakkam are also easily accessible by road, which helps OMR continue its ever-evolving status.
  3. Access to Social and Recreational Activities

    The bustling social scene on OMR complements the flow of life. OMR is a canvas painted with brilliant colors of social life, from gourmet restaurants providing foreign cuisines to entertainment centers promising infinite pleasure. Investing in villa plots or real-estate in OMR means investing in a lifestyle that is both fulfilling and gratifying.
  4. Developed Infrastructure

    Infrastructure is the backbone of any functioning community. In this regard, OMR distinguishes itself with well-planned roadways, dependable utilities, and a dedication to sustainable development. Investing in villa plots in a well-established region like OMR assures that your investment is both real and figurative firm footing.
  5. Reasonable Rent

    The ability to generate rental revenue is an important part of every real estate venture. With a continual stream of professionals, students, and families looking for the OMR experience, owning a villa plot may become a viable source of passive income. The need for high-quality living spaces in this area is a tune to which every wise investor wants to dance.


As we close the book on our investigation of OMR's investment potential, the data speaks for itself: this growing locale is a land of opportunities ripe for the taking.

As reports say, During the Jan 2023 to June 2023, the average price of residential properties in Chennai rose by 3% YoY to ₹4,350 per sq ft from ₹4,300 per sq ft. Because of the boost in sales in the residential real estate of Chennai and with the real-estate price trends in OMR, this is the perfect time to make a sound investment.

According to reports, Chennai’s residential market has noticed a 3% YoY appreciation during the first half of 2023. The city saw a huge surge in the residential market by selling 7,150 housing units. As the real-estate growth rate in Chennai keeps evolving, you can make a sound investment with a trusted developer.

And we at Akshaya believe in turning dreams into reality. Own a piece of this thriving paradise with our leading projects like Akshaya Earth, Akshaya Brindavanam, and Akshaya KVG. So, why delay? Take advantage of the opportunity, invest in OMR's villa plots, and watch your future grow in the lap of this contemporary masterpiece.

Begin your path to success with our outstanding villa plot developments on OMR. Your ideal investment is waiting for you; secure it immediately!

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