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Things to Keep In Mind before Renting a Retail Property

26th Dec 2017

When it comes to assessing the factors that can help transform your business, the retail property that you choose ranks highly. There is much that a retail property can do for your business, in terms of lending it greater visibility, boosting sales and reducing overheads for greater profits. 

If you’re on the looking to rent retail property, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  1. Examine the market for your business: Running a brick and mortar business can potentially be risky, especially if the area of retail has online competitors. However, if you have correctly identified your market segment, then there’s nothing to hold you back from success. Identify your market before you go ahead and rent a retail property.
  2. Choose a strategic location: Once you know your target group, you have to ensure that the property that you rent is located strategically so as to attract the attention of the desired customers. 
  3. Assess the rental: Ensure that you’re not paying more rent than you need to. For this purpose, it is essential that you assess the market rate before signing the lease.
  4. Read the lease document carefully: An important clause that your lease document must contain pertains to what you do with the rental property in case you decide to sell or expand your business. Discuss these prospects with the owner before signing the lease.
  5. The building should serve you well: Think of all the services and facilities that your employees and customers will need on any given day. This includes food, access to toilets, elevators/escalators, fire alarms and other security provisions. The building or complex where you choose to rent your retail property must be well-equipped with these facilities.

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