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29th Mar 2022



We delivered 500 keys between April 2021 and Feb 2022. A very important moment in our 26 year journey, as our Chairman & CEO Thiru T Chitty Babu mentioned in a small celebration we had at our headquarters. When we all gathered, it dawned on us that while we have all just done our duty, as a team we have accomplished something larger than the sum total of our efforts. We didn’t just hand over a set of keys to 500 families.

We handed over the beginning of the next phase of their lives, we gave them their very own personal space where they will bring to reality their dreams and goals, celebrating every milestone as a family just as we did at office. And we realised no other product that is sold gets as personal as selling a home.


Consider this - a full page ad of a brand new SUV is attractive to you only if you are looking to buy a new car, isn’t it? When you are looking to a buy any product, you start noticing it whenever you are on the road - in traffic, in a signal or just parked somewhere. Once you set your sights on the specific model you desire, you look to buy it from a dealer who offers the best service, and not from the person or the team that made it right? And in an increasingly digital world, the purchase sometimes is just a click away. It is convenient, and sometimes cheaper, but hardly personal. That is where buying a home is a completely different process. It is the most personal possession you will ever invest in, because it is one of the few products you buy directly from the person who created it. And you get to meet and interact with so many of the team members who are directly involved in the process of building your home. And when you buy from a brand like Akshaya you’ll notice that every member, irrespective of the department or designation, will be equally involved in helping you make the right decision.



When you see an Akshaya advertisement across social media, on TV, or in the paper, you notice that the marketing message speaks directly to you, thanks to the MARKETING TEAM. From events to outdoor hoardings, they ensure seamless and consistent communication across media. You call the number in the ad and are serviced by our PRE-SALES TEAM members who help you understand more about the project and help arrange for a site visit. The HR & ADMIN TEAM then ensure a vehicle reaches you on time and does everything to make your visit memorable. The ONSITE SALES TEAM at the project awaits you and welcomes you with a walkthrough of the model home, giving you clear and consistent updates on construction and delivery timelines.


Back at the office, the SALES TEAM helps you choose your unit, your floor, your block and listens to every specific need of yours. The CRM TEAM then welcomes you to iron out the details of the purchase and is entrusted with guiding you for the rest of the home buying journey. And the FINANCE TEAM ensures your investment is in the hands of the safest of financial institutions and the disbursal happens on schedule so you can rest, assured.


As the date of registration approaches, the LAND & LEGAL TEAM help get the property registered with foolproof documentation. The PROJECTS & TECHNICAL TEAM ensure your every design need is taken care of and construction progresses per schedule. As the construction is completed, the HANDOVER TEAM invites you for a memorable celebration to hand over your keys officially. AKSHAYA SERVICES PVT LTD swings into action to help you with your interior design needs. From woodwork to painting to fittings, everything is taken care of without you having to lift a finger. And they won’t rest until your house-warming function turns out a grand success. And for the next 10 years Akshaya ensures your entire project is maintained in pristine condition.


So when you enter your new Akshaya home, you’ll not just feel the positive vibes of a prosperous future, but also the love and care hundreds of Akshaya family members put into delivering a lifetime of happiness that is your wonderful home.



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