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Honest Conversation With Happy Customers: In Conversation with Mrs Sivasankari

8th Apr 2021

Akshaya Republic has an exclusive gate to the school

my son studies in. It is such a convenience.”

Buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an investment that will last beyond your time. So, it is only prudent that you make a well-researched, informed decision. For us at Akshaya, the rigour is to look at the home-buying experience from the customer's point of view. Your point of view. You are after all making one of life's biggest investments with us. We take great pride in talking to our customers and understanding how our vision for the project has translated into value for them as end-users. They are after all, our biggest well-wishers. Snippets from our talk with Mrs. Sivasankari of Akshaya Republic...


Hello Madam. What was your home buying requirement and how did Akshaya Republic fit the requirement for you?

Sivasankari: Hello.... We were actually looking to buy a home in a gated community. We have a son so we wanted him to grow up in such an atmosphere. When we were looking at various projects, we were looking at the distance between the school and the home, because that is very important for us... these days children spend a lot of time in traveling... so my son now studies in Shri Krish school... which is right next to the property. So Akshaya Republic checked all the boxes for us. How as the experience been with Team Akshaya? Sivasankari: When we moved in, we realised Krish International school and the project shared a wall. Since many of the parents here had kids studying in that school, we approached the Akshaya team to help build a gate that has direct access from Republic to the school, so the kids do not have to venture onto the main road. The Akshaya team took up the entire responsibility and ensured the gate was provided as soon as they could. So this is the level of involvement they provide in all aspects. 


How has the living experience been so far?

Sivasankari: We moved in two years back and back then the construction was still going on. So we really saw how each and every facility was developed and intricate details that the team was giving thought into... It’s so beautiful to see the finished project. We just love our house. And the service and maintenance team is doing a wonderful job of the upkeep of the property. All our friends and visitors who come home, share appreciation with us on having bought such a lovely property. We are so happy and proud to be a part of Akshaya Republic!


We thank Mrs. Sivasankari for her time and welcoming us into her beautiful home. 


Watch the testimonial video here - Mrs Sivasankari - Customer Testimonial


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