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Honest Conversation With Happy Customers: In Conversation with Mrs Irene Perez

8th Apr 2021

“When we moved in, Akshaya Team helped us in every

aspect. Whatever we needed, they were there for us.”


Buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an investment that will last beyond your time. So, it is only prudent that you make a well-researched, informed decision. For us at Akshaya, the rigour is to look at the home-buying experience from the customer's point of view. Your point of view. You are after all making one of life's biggest investments with us. We take great pride in talking to our customers and understanding how our vision for the project has translated into value for them as end-users. They are after all, our biggest well-wishers. Snippets from our talk with Mrs. Irene Perez & Mr. John Philip Perez of Akshaya Republic...


Hello Madam. Thank you for welcoming us into your lovely home. Do tell us about your journey buying Republic with the Akshaya team.

Irene: Around 2017.... my son-in-law was looking for a house for us to stay in. He found this was a comfortable place. He couldn’t visit the place, so he asked my second son-in-law to check Akshaya Republic. The entire family liked the place. My daughter felt this was a very secure place for us to live in. So we moved in in 2019 and stayed here for about 15 days. We had to leave to the US later. Those 15 days, the Akshaya team helped us a lot! Whatever our need was, there were there to help and assist. So we are very happy with the team. You were one of the early occupants of the project.


How was the experience seeing the project evolve around you?

Irene: We came back from the States in 2020. When we entered, Akshaya Republic was in an entirely different shape. Everything was quite pleasant for us. From the roads, to the amenities... everything was so nice. We noticed many people had moved in...we were so happy. 


As senior citizens, has Akshaya Republic made life easier for you in anyway?

Whatever we needed was in place. Be it the ventilation, the power supply... everything... everything... as senior citizens we need everything at home. Whatever we needed they helped us. It’s a perfect life now. We are enjoying here. It is very calm and cool. Even the other residents here... they are very co-operative. Both of us, as senior citizens, we are living in a very comfortable place.


According to you, what is one advantage of living in Akshaya Republic?

Irene: The air. We get very good air. That is the most important thing. The atmosphere. It is a pleasant place to live in. We are able to go walking within the campus. Walking was not possible when we were living in the city. Here morning and evening we go on lovely walks. I have to thank God for bringing us to the right place. Even spiritually I am enlightened because I get that space and time living here.


Would you recommend Akshaya Republic to anyone?

Irene: I tell everyone who visits me to buy a house here. I used to be a teacher. I have a lot my students on Facebook. I keep telling them about this project and in fact one person has already brought in E Block. They saw me in YouTube it seems. By the way, two boys from your Akshaya are my students! Akshaya has given me an opportunity.... I get to move around with young children and I am feeling I am back at school. Akshaya Republic is a lively place to live in!


We thank Mrs. Irene for her kind words and her valuable time. 


Watch the testimonial video here - Mrs Irene Perez - Customer Testimonial


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