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Honest Conversation With Happy Customers: In Conversation with Mr S Ravindran

2nd Apr 2021

“The layout of the project is too good. Akshaya January is

the best value for the money we are paying.”


Buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an investment that will last beyond your time. So, it is only prudent that you make a well-researched, informed decision. For us at Akshaya, the rigour is to look at the home-buying experience from the customer's point of view. Your point of view. You are after all making one of life's biggest investments with us. We take great pride in talking to our customers and understanding how our vision for the project has translated into value for them as end-users. They are after all, our biggest well-wishers. Snippets from our talk with Mr. Ravindran of Akshaya January...


Hello Sir. How did you decide to buy a home at Akshaya January?

Ravindran: Hello....What brought me to the project was the vision of Mr. Chitty Babu, the Chairman and CEO of Akshaya. I booked the apartment without even doing a site visit or seeing the layout. The faith I had that day in the project and the Chairman’s vision was what made me book it.


How has the project turned out, in your opinion?

Ravindran: Team Akshaya has fulfilled their commitment and done a good job with January. I always admire the team for their honesty to their investors. What I like about the project is the OSR and the open area all around for the children to play... for people to walk around. The clubhouse is great. The project has been done with a lot of excellence. 


What impressed you about Akshaya January?

Ravindran: The layout is very good. The distance between the apartments is very good. The common areas have been shared well. The lift and the other utilities are located very nicely. The layout of the independent apartments also is too good. Maximum utilisation of the built up area has been done. And it is the best price for the money we are paying. At any point in time during the development, either on the site at OMR or at the office, we could meet all the employees, Presidents and the Chairman very freely. Everyone answered all our queries, they have been true to us and we have all sailed with Akshaya so far.


I take this opportunity to wish Team Akshaya great success. Nothing can stop them now... the

sky is the limit. All the best!


We thank Mr. Ravindran for his encouraging words and appreciation for Team Akshaya. 


Watch the testimonial video here - Mr. Ravindran - Customer Testimonial


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