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Design Your Office Space - 5 Simple Tips

26th Dec 2017

When you’re in the process of setting up your business, you may not think that the design of your office space should be your top priority. However, it has been observed that office space design is vital to the success of an enterprise. There are many ways in which an intelligent office design can benefit you and your employees and increase the productivity at work. 

Here are 5 simple tips to help you design your office space:

  1. Your brand identity should serve as your theme: Use your office space to reinforce your brand identity. You could do this by building into your design the key colours from your brand logo. This can help your employees identify with the spirit of the brand and be more engaged at work.
  2. Segregate the space into various zones or sections: To increase efficiency at work, segregate the office space into various zones based on departments, teams or level of activity. It may be useful to have a silent zone, a meeting zone and an informal recreational zone.
  3. Bring in as many natural elements as possible: Make sure that your office has abundant greenery, natural light and ventilation. These elements of nature help motivate employees and encourage a positive state of mind.
  4. Don’t shy away from colour: Office spaces don’t have to be about the black, white and grey. Infuse vibrant and cheerful colours into your office design so as to keep the atmosphere upbeat.
  5. Take the minimal route: The key to intelligent office design is to keep it minimal - both in terms of quantity and design. Not only does this prevent your office from becoming chaotic and aesthetically overbearing, but it also allows you to modify the design as your business grows and evolves.


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