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2nd Jan 2021


 Akshaya's Twin D, the latest residential project on OMR, is an offering that adapts not just to a covid world but a future-proof home for a post covid world as well. Read on to understand the thought and design this project has and why it is the most sensible choice for anyone looking to buy a home today.

This year has been all about the basics. Stay safe, stay home and take care. This has thrown light on how important a home is. And how important it is to live under your own roof so you are in complete control of your home and your surroundings while creating a safe haven for your loved ones. While the year was filled with uncertainties, one thing is for certain - your cannot take hygiene for granted anymore.

This is where Akshaya Twin D scores on all fronts. Designed with the future in mind not just from a technology standpoint, but from a hygiene, greenery and privacy angle too!

Here are 12 key facets of the project that make it stand out from the competition.

# 1 ALEXA ENABLED, TOUCH-FREE HIGH SPEED ELEVATORS That's right. Touch-free lifts, voice-controlled. Why? Elevators are one of the most frequently touched amenities in any building. It is the one feature everyone uses, be it residents or visitors. That makes it a breeding ground for bugs. Now, with hands-free lifts, you no longer need to worry. Just say the floor, and lo! you're there. Twin D has two lifts per tower (1 stretcher and 1 passenger). That means 24 residents per tower can use the lift at any given time leading to reduced waiting time. Now enter your building, bond style!

# 2 ANTI BACTERIAL PAINT Any surface that has the propensity to be touched on a frequent basis is a worry, especially in these times. Our solution - finish them with anti-bacterial paint. From home interiors, to all common areas, Twin D has treated paint to avoid bacteria from spreading. This not only makes it hygienic, but is also easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, anti-bacterial paint is known to enhance indoor air quality. Germs out, hygiene in!

#3 HOME AUTOMATION Home automation technology has grown leaps and bounds, but until the pandemic, it was out of reach in terms of affordability. Now that has changed. It has become a necessity. And it makes you life easier. With home automation, at Twin D, you can control all your lights and fans from your smartphone. Effective solutions to essential needs.

#4 DOCTOR ON-CALL Today we think twice to visit a hospital or a clinic for any health concern. While some hospitals have stopped out patient services, others are swarming with sick patients. Exposing your loved ones to such an atmosphere can be a nightmare, especially if elders are involved. Fret not, for Twin D has its very own doctor on-call. Without setting foot outside you home, you now have the luxury of a doctor visiting you. Good old days are back again!

#5 CLINIC AND PHARMACY Now what if we told you, you have not just a doctor, but an entire fully-equipped clinic and a fully-stocked pharmacy within your premises? Pinch yourself if you need to, for it's true. At Akshaya, we're looking to enhance your life in every way possible. A clinic and a pharmacy are just a few steps toward creating a healthy and safe community at Twin D.

#6 SELF-CLEANING GARBAGE CHUTE Another breeding ground for germs - garbage. We are all used to carrying black garbage bags out of our homes, once a day. Let's take a closer look at this exercise. The garbage (that has filled the bag to the brim - already swarmed by insects) is taken out by the residents or the house-help, more often than not, through the lift, into the common areas and flung into a garbage bin that generally is a dump yard in the making. This entire exercise is a hygiene-hazard. At Twin D, it's game over for unhygienic garbage disposal. Not just do you get garbage chutes, but they are self-cleaning. So no residue of muck gets stuck anywhere. No ambient pollution. No odor. Spic and span, end to end.

#7 PIPED GAS Piped gas today is not a luxury. It is a necessity. It is safe and it ensures uninterrupted supply of LPG to your kitchen. It also avoids the need for a delivery person to traverse the building, enter your home and more importantly, enter your kitchen - the place where your food is made. No risk of gas leaks, no hassles of gas booking. It is not just a thoughtful feature, but an environmentally conscious one. That's Twin D for you.

#8 ANTI-BACTERIAL TOILET SEAT COVERS A feature that was once reserved only for 5-tar hotels, is now in your home. They are essential. They are hygienic. They prevent the build-up of bacteria and germs. They are perfectly suited for our humid conditions. They are easy to clean and maintain. It is easier to remove hard water deposits. You never need to worry if a visitor or friend uses your toilet anymore. It's just right.

#9 THERAPEUTIC PLANTS IN THE LANDSCAPED AREA Hygiene begins at home, they say. At Twin D, it begins the moment you enter the premises. You'll be greeted by therapeutic plants that help purify the air, keep away mosquitoes and maintain your well-being, rejuvenating every walk around the building. Take your elders out for a stroll and let them enjoy the simple pleasures of nature. Clean air - a given at Twin D.

#10 ONLY 6 HOMES PER FLOOR At Akshaya, we have always believed that low-density homes per floor is the way to go. That's why even pre-pandemic projects have minimal homes per floor. At Twin D, you have no common walls and the distance between any two homes facing each other is 34 feet! With wide, well-ventilated corridors, your home and the immediate surroundings are as safe as safe can be. Call it natural social distancing, by design!

#11 MONSOON-PROOF HOMES Come December and Chennai'ites worry about rains and floods and cyclones. How many friends of ours have recalled troubles with low-lying homes and flooding? Well, you can stay ashore in any season now! Twin D is located on the OMR main road and is built 7 feet above the road level. You have no power equipment in the basement. Being an IGBC pre-certified Silvern Green Home, Twin D has an efficient garland drain system implemented for rain-water harvesting. Now your home is safe not just from germs but from the monsoon as well!


For any building to last long, maintenance is key. Twin D comes with Akshaya's 10-year maintenance guarantee. Every single feature we offer you will not just be provided, but maintained by us, relieving you of the burden of needing to worry about getting things fixed on time.

There you go. 12 reasons. 2 Super-Safe Towers. At Akshaya Twin D. Come experience the home at a time of your convenience.




TOTAL FLOORS 2 ****Towers ,14 Floors each

HOME CONFIGURATIONS 2BHK (986 - 1048 sqft) 3BHK (1251 - 1333 sqft)

AMENITIES Clubhouse AV Room Gymnasium Indoor Games Swimming Pool Toddler's Pool Party Lawn Doctor on-cal Clinic & Pharmacy Alexa Enabled elevators Change room with locker facility Akshara Nursery School Water Treatment Plant Generator Backup - 100% for common areas & part load for apartments Sewerage Treatment Plant Signages Separate restrooms / change rooms for staff and drivers Therapeutic Landscaped gardens ATM Security Cabin Bicycle / jogging track Multipurpose court Basketball Court Outdoor Skating Rink Cafeteria Library / Reading Room Gurgling Aqua Turf and Fountains Piped Gas Self-cleaning Garbage Chute Visitor's Car Park Business Centre / Visitor's Lounge / Meeting Room Car Wash Facility

CAR PARK Covered car parks

HANDING OVER November 2021


Akshaya's Twin D - India's first hygiene-happy homes with best-in-class amenities in Thaiyur, on the bustling OMR. Offering 2 & 3 BHK super-safe homes in two contemporary towers.

Call us at 90 2540 2540 and we'll arrange for a site visit at your convenience.

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