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6 DIY Decoration Ideas for the Bedroom If You Are On a Budget

26th Dec 2017

Your bedroom is your productive safe space - from the moment you rise, to the time you retreat at the end of a tiring day.

No one wants to live in a stagnating den. It’s nice to change up your room’s vibe and aesthetic look from time to time. So what if you could revamp your bedroom, without breaking your budget?

Here are 6 DIY ideas for a complete bedroom makeover – on a budget.

Paint the Wall

Bored of staring at the same walls every day? Pastel paints add a lovely lightness; grey shades bring a sophisticated edge, or go with deep-toned walls for a touch of warmth.


Decorate With Frames

If painting the walls is too much trouble, just hang up pretty frames, prints or even a hand lettered quote. It’s one way to make your room feel more personalized.


Bed Makeover

Throwing on a new bed sheet and duvet, and dressing your pillows in pretty covers really takes care of the elephant in the room. Shop for prints and hues that complement your colour theme.


Vintage Hardware

Replacing drawer handles with quaint, ornate or ceramic knobs can add a vintage accent to otherwise ordinary furniture.


A Cosy Corner

Arrange a comfortable armchair, a bookshelf and a lovely reading lamp – and you have your new favourite spot! Curl up with a good book and enjoy a leisurely read in your room.


Brighten the Room

A statement table lamp can liven up a bedside night stand. You can hang an ornate mirror to reflect light in a room and make it feel more spacious.


Try out these DIY decorating tips. Enjoy your newly vamped bedroom!

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