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6 Clever Ideas to Transform Your Workplace

15th Mar 2018

The key to transforming a workplace is to make it look less like an office and more like a creative space where good work can happen.

Here are 6 clever ideas to transform your workplace:

1. Customized interiors: Your workplace should never look like just another office. Make sure that the interiors reflect the work culture and are in sync with the brand identity. From incorporating the company logo in the design, to choosing an appropriate colour palette, this can be done in many ways.

2. Noise control: Effective acoustics play a major role in transforming the workplace. The walls to the meeting rooms must be soundproofed, while the larger work areas should emit a low and soothing ambient sound of chatter.

3. Recreational zones: Don’t skimp on building recreational zones within the office, so that the employees can enjoy their breaks. From video games and pool tables to coffee machines and gym equipment, provide your employees with everything that they might be looking for in their downtime.

4. Wall art: Make use of the walls to lend the office a vibrant and upbeat environment. Instead of regular white walls, go for brighter hues, framed posters and inspirational quotes scrawled on the wall.

5. Light and ventilation: Natural light and fresh air are the most essential features of a well-functioning office. Ensure that there is ample light coming in through the windows and that there is a constant supply of fresh air into the office.

6. Multiple workstation options: Don’t confine your employees to traditional desks as workstations. Give them the option of working on the couch, at a standing desk or in the café. Breaking the monotony is the best way to transform the workplace.  

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