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5 Ways to Remodel Your Office Space

15th Mar 2018

Remodelling your office space is a simple yet effective way to increase productivity at work and enhance employee engagement. If you have been looking to give your office space a facelift, here are 5 things to try:

1. Choose a new colour palette: Pick colours that complement the style and nature of your work. You could also choose varying colour palettes for different parts of the office. For a more calming effect, select soft hues such as lavender and green. For the more energy-driven sections, pick bold and bright colours.

2. Create work-play zones: To enhance productivity and keep the motivation levels up, make sure to build various zones for both work and play. Have a silent zone for focused work, and have a games room and cafeteria for the much-needed breaks.

3. Build in the natural elements: Natural light is perhaps one of the most important things to factor in when designing an office space. Make sure there’s ample natural light coming into all parts of the office. Spruce up the office space with a variety of indoor plants to keep the environment upbeat and pleasant.

4. Optimize the space: From multi-function furniture items to double-duty storage spaces, you want to look to optimize every nook and cranny of the office to keep it clutter-free, organized and more welcoming.

5. Adopt a minimalistic approach: Minimalism is the way to go when remodelling your office space. Don’t go overboard with furniture items, colours, prints or patterns. Keep things as simple and organized as you can, and stick to the bare minimum as far as furnishings go.

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