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Akshaya Pvt Ltd. was founded in 1995 under the stewardship of Mr. T. Chitty Babu, a qualified Civil Engineer. Since its inception, Akshaya has set higher standards for itself, inspired by the Sanskrit origin of its name, which means ‘endless pursuit’. It has grown into one of the most respected real estate companies in India, reputed for its transparent business practices and innovation. A truly successful journey over the last 27 years has seen the company grow by leaps and bounds, as it went about creating over 170 landmarks and 6000+ customers across Tamil Nadu

In an endeavour to excel and set higher standards of performance and corporate governance, the management team has on board professionals from various other industries to head the Marketing, Technical, HR, Finance, Sales & Customer Relations, Branding, Legal systems, Management Representative for ISO Audits & Safety and Human Resource divisions.

Akshaya’s core values of transparency, clear titles and ethical business practices, clearly set the company apart from the rest of the industry players. A strict adherence to statutory norms has earned Akshaya the respect of the real estate industry and the admiration of numerous delighted customers.

A sincere belief that “ An educated customer is not a threat but in fact is a customer for life” saw Akshaya launch a consumer awareness initiative called “Akshaya Home Facts” through which customers are educated on all the nuances involved in purchase of real estate property. The “Akshaya Home Facts” book contains information on all the possible rights of a customer and helps him/her make a considered purchase decision.

True to its name, Akshaya continues in its endless journey, foraying into plotted development, commercial spaces, retail spaces and diversified operations in other parts of South India as well.

At Akshaya, excellence is a journey, not a destination.


What exactly is 'Uncompromise'? Is it the ability to resist compromises? Is it the resolution upright? Is it the quest for unflinching quality? Or is it the desire to be the best one can be, in all walks of life? At Akshaya, we think it's a combination of all these lofty ideals.

We've been breathing this philosophy close to 27 years. And that's why, to most of our customers and business associates, the word 'Uncompromise' means only one thing: a blemish-less track record of consistently extraordinary performance.

Akshaya, with its innumerable initiatives to raise the level of transparency in real estate and untiring efforts to raise the bar of quality in the residential and commercial domains, has been a walking, talking exemplar of Uncompromise.

Akshaya Philosophy
Our Philosophy

Every dream fulfilled by Akshaya is fuelled by the ceaseless quest for Uncompromise: be it our passion for building stellar projects, our unparalleled quality of service or our lifelong bond with every customer.

Akshaya’s success story comes from an unflinching commitment to the core values of the company and a 'no compromise' approach to business.

We take pride in upholding the highest ethical standards by maintaining transparency and integrity in all our transactions with stakeholders. Also, instilling a sense of ownership and pride enhances a long-term relationship with our customers.

By following stringent principles, the company believes in setting new benchmarks of excellence, innovation and quality. Even in community development, Akshaya believes that being a responsible corporate citizen is Priority No.1. Which is why, CSR activities are not just reserved for special occasions like World Environment Day rather an everyday initiative.

This ideology forms the very foundation of our business that in turn, helps us carry the beacon of Uncompromise for the years to come.

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Dear All, we are a blessed and fortunate lot to practically be sailing through the prevailing calamity unaffected till now, and truly pray for this to continue for us and to make the situation better for each of the residents of Chennai. Sanjeev's post is very appropriate and timely. The entire Akshaya Team, the EC and many people behind the scenes have been our guardian angels for us to go with our lives the last few day. A "BIG THANK YOU" to each of you for the unrelenting service.
Farid - A1 703, Adora

It is nothing less than a blessing to be in Adora and not any of the other apartments here are having a tough time. A Big Thank You to Chitti Babu and the entire Akshaya team for a job very well done.
Heena - A4 601, Adora

Dear Mr. ChittyBabu, On behalf of all the residents living at Akshaya- Adora, I wish to appreciate the entire team of the maintenance for their striving efforts to take utmost care of the members in the community. We are indeed having a very good strong technical team heading by Mr. Jagadeesan, who is also working hard, thereby even on the difficult time, which is existing presently due to the unexpected rainfall. Adora is now on the safe hands of Aakshaya, where all of them are tirelessly giving their back support, by not bothering their time of the day & night. Co-operation of services extended by the team of Akshaya, is highly commendable, by contributing each one of their part extremely good. Thereby, we are not facing problem, when compared to the other apts around Adora
A. Kaailash Former- Secretary - block-A4, 3rdfloor,  apt no: 302, Adora

I am extremely overwhelmed and happy that I am a proud owner of an apartment at Adair Akshaya Homes. What can I say Sir? Even when Chennai had continuous downpour of nearly 50cm, how was it that at Adair, not even the car park got wet let alone water logged? Thank you sir for giving us such a lovely property. We are truly happy and extremely thankful to you. We would like to meet you in person once the rains stop and the city gets back to normal and express our personal thanks to you.
Ramya and Kannan - , Adair

Neighbours and Friends of Adora, I am sure we will all remember the "Horrors of 2015 Monsoon in Chennai" for the rest of our lives! So many prestigious names in Real Estate around our Akshaya Adora were in deep water, literally. Behind Sathyabhama University, we were told that almost 1,000 families were stuck in 30 feet of water inside their premises, without power, water or food supply, and they are still looking at the grim, overcast skies with little hope of relief or rescue. When you see and hear of such experiences, you bow your head in reverence to the powers of Nature and clearly understand how helpless one can become in a short span of time. Also, it brings up a sincere feeling of gratitude for the team of people who conceived and built Adora many years ago. They had the wisdom and foresight to plan the structure so well that, though we are surrounded by flood water on all sides, we have been, quite literally, like an Island, so far. Other than a part of the wall that collapsed into the rising waters of the tank on the North side (today morning), we have been not seen any major issues, like the ones seen all around us. We have had uninterrupted power, water and most other utilities most of the time. So, I want to sincerely thank Mr. Chitty Babu and the entire Akshaya Team who have protected us with their excellent planning, foresight and wisdom. Thank you Mr. Chitty Babu!
Sanjeev - , Adora

Dear Mr. ChittyBabu, I am ever so delighted that I was able to speak to you a while back. Unfortunately my earlier mail did not get through as I had a wrong mail id. I want to place on record our appreciation to you and your team of engineers for your planning and foresight in the construction of Adora. When the rains battered Chennai last month and many Complexes on OMR faced a lot of hardship with electricity cut hence no water no lifts, we at Adora, were in HEAVEN! No water logging and no difficulties. This speaks volumes about the planning that was put into the construction.
Mrs. Zavera Shahuna - Block A3 Flat 506, Adora

I extend this gratitude. We feel we are in a fortress.
Nagarajan  - , Metropolis

Dear Chittybabu San greetings I had a lot of Faith in brand AKSKAYA and Mr Chittybabu. This was the sole reason why I selected project Metropolis. I have 2 properties at Metropolis. I am referring this project to a lot of my friends we the residents and all Committee Members are putting all our best efforts to make Metropolis a model Society and Community for opulent, graceful and peaceful Living I want to thank you and your team for the incredible sustained efforts put by them during this adverse situation.
C.M.Ganeshram Hon. Secretary Metropolis Owners Association. - , Metropolis

1. Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Metropolis maintenance team for their great and selfless efforts and support. 2. It is also nice to know that the Association has readily come forward to put their appreciation on record. 3. As non-resident owners of G G01, we also wish to put on record our appreciation and gratitude to the Metropolis maintenance team. Cheers, Aarti, Anirudh and family. Metropolis Very nice to hear the prompt service provided in spite of various difficulties.
Vaitheeswaran  - , Metropolis

SK GOENKA - , Metropolis

Greetings from Metropolis Owners Association team. We the MOA committee members and the residents of Akshaya Metropolis are writing this Greetings from Metropolis Owners Association team. We the MOA committee members and the residents of Akshaya Metropolis are writing this letter to express our appreciation of the efforts of M/s ASL and M/s APL Personnel at Akshaya Metropolis during recent torrential rains in Chennai. Great work was done by Mr Sakthivel, Mr Kartikeyan, and their team of Electricians and Plumbers supported by Mr Ragunathan and Mr Harish were singularly responsible for preventing flooding of the compound on Sunday when the skies opened up over Chennai. The team put their best foot forward without caring for their food, safety or comfort to arrange for pumps, connect and operate them in the most effective manner to ensure that the basement and the WTP area does not get flooded and cause huge damage to the EB meter rooms, the cars parked there and the WTP along with the associated equipment. Every member of this great team was available for duty on a Sunday at a time when their homes and families were in difficulty. This selfless attitude has given Akshaya Metropolis the unique status of being one of the very few housing complexes in Chennai which were not waterlogged and all residents were secure and safe in their homes. This absolute dedication during a difficult time exhibited by your team has earned our gratitude and appreciation. We wish to convey our thanks to your team.
All Metropolitans and Committee Members - , Metropolis

SUNDAR - , Metropolis

Dear all, Muttukadu panchayat president visited & inspected our complex yesterday &also inspected the road behind D-BLOCK/main-street. A Memorandum was submitted & panchayat promised to lay a temporary road behind D Block after rain water flow has receded which is expected in a day or two as Main Street road is still Inaccessible to OMR due to continuous flow of water due to a breach of lakes. In the meanwhile, Mr. CHITTIBABU, MD, Akshaya, spoke to me and assured all help to lay a temporary road behind D-BLOCK. They will also prepare a memorandum on behalf of AOA which requires 200 signatures from our residents It is pertinent to point out that inside the Adena building/our apartments no water logging / inundated inside our building as compared to many residential apartments in OMR
BK Subramanian secretary - , Adena Owners Association

I wish to thank all your Staff for helping in the flood relief of "The Belvedere ". However, as you are aware a lot has to done to recover to normalcy. Kindly have a feasibility done to prevent further such flooding and loss of property. Thank you once again for your Timely effort.
V Kasturi Raj - B1-501 , The Belvedere

Thank you! You have been very helpful. Very much appreciated! Keep it up!
Hemanth - B2-1602, Akshaya Today

Dear All, I wish to put on record my deep appreciation in my personal capacity, for the excellent support provided by you all in helping to complete the registration formalities recently. Was very happy to see your keenness to make sure that the process was completed to our satisfaction while meeting all the Statutory Norms. The wonderful rapport you have established with the officials was visible. It was heartening to note that you extended the same to other Customers too. You are an asset. Sure, you must be most sought-after.. Great Going..! Please keep Going..!
M.SOMASUNDARAM - Flat No.1202, Akshaya Today

Very good patient approach from Mr.Selvakumar. Very good experience especially for 1st time buyer
Ganesh B - E-203, Republic

Dear CRM manager, I have moved into my house W1305. I take this opportunity to thank and also appreciate the way you all have worked through out my buying and moving in formalities. It was nice to have been in touch with such good persons (Hariramkumar, Venkata Ganesh, and Alphonseraj. Hoping to have the continuous support. It was primarily because of these 3 named persons my experience with Akshaya has been good so far. Appreciate for having such good professionals in your organisation.
Mr Ranjit Singh - W 1305, January

Thanks a lot for addressing our queries. We are happy with the work and our apartment looks nice. Special thanks to Sethuraman, Harish, and Venkat who have helped us in all aspect. And also site workers and engineers. I've asked for one final work, to look into apartment switch sockets and tiles. With that, let me know the list of things to take the handover. Have spoken to Sethuraman and planning to take the handover formalities on coming Wednesday.
Somanprabhu Jeyabalan - T 710, January

Dear CRM, Thanks for your arrangements for our house warming. Function went well and we had time to invite your premises members for the function. Special Thanks to CRM Hari at site and site engineering team for the quick fixing of the arrangement.
Krishnan - W812, January

Great hospitality, humility and commendable service.
Sashi MeenRajan - 1316, January

Dear Indira, Thank you , You have arranged a fabulous Republic day program for Adora residents . The last program we had at Adora was our Sports Day , so its quite a while since we had any program like this. Everyone enjoyed the program well. Yesterday we met a neighbor & had a laugh recollecting some moments during the Fun games and Fancy dress . Overall the program was well arranged & the MC was excellent . Kids were appreciative of the takeaways & gifts . Awaiting the next program from your end , atleast every 6 months All the very best and have a great success for all your programs.
Geo James - Adora Association - , Republic Day Program at Adora

Dear Ms. Indra, Yesterday we completed house warming function. Thanks to Mr Sethuraman and Mr. Francis for the arrangements during our visit. Keep updating the progress.
Nithya Kasthuri Jalendran - E5-404, Today

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for the excellent arrangements made for the successful registration of my daughter's flat. Thank you for the transport and lunch arranged.Your staff were highly professional and courteous I also thank you for coordinating all the arrangements.
Vinodhini - B3 1505, Today

Dear Mr. Sivalingam and team, I want to personally thank all of you for the help and support extended to my parents yesterday. While it's a tedious process, the care given by you all made it a bit easy for them. For those of us who are away and depend on our aged parents to help us with legal requirements in India this is a big help. Appreciate your help.
Senthil Meenrajan - D5-1006, Today

I would like to thank AKSHAYA staff for the smooth functioning of the Registration Process yesterday inspite of facing some difficulties in the Registrar office. My special thanks to Selvam Sir and NandKumar sir for handling the situation in a nice way and hats off to their patience. Besides the transport facility (PICK and DROP Facility) and the food provided by Akshaya is worthy of appreciation. Thanks to the Registrar for listening and understanding to our concerns and signing the registration documents.Looking forward for the continued support with the Akshaya Team .
Mr.Ramanarayanan & Mrs.R.Devika - C1-505, Today

The registration team went an extra mile and completed the entire process before due time as they understood that I had to leave for Tirutani after it was done. I want to give them the credit and thank Akshaya for the excellent work.
Sheela Krishnaswamy - 132, Earth Projects

To be frank, it has been really easy to deal with you and your team. It was a hassle free experience. It was so easy for me to complete most of the process from Dubai and it was mainly due to the prompt responses to my queries by Akshaya (Special mention Mr Yoganathan and Ms Indira Gautam).Also the registration process itself was efficiently managed. Thank you so much for helping me in registering plots in Akshaya Earth. Looking forward to dealing with you in future as well.
Mr. Vivekanand Ravikumar - 140/141, Earth Projects

Thanks to Akshaya, Keep up good work.
Mr and Mrs Gurunathan - 331, Earth Projects

I just wanted to appreciate your team on the entire registration process. It was handled in a very professional manner. I was in town for only 5 days and your team completed all the formalities within a couple of hours. Keep up the good work.
Kshitish Koorapaty - Plot, Earth

Thanks for being so supportive throughout the registration process. Appreciate it.  My feedback about overall support provide by the team is they are Transparent, hassle free, accommodative and impressive hospitality.
Suresh Venkatesh - 196 (Plot), Earth Projects

We would recommend Akshaya for their friendly customer service, open and hearty conversation with stuff.
Rajkumar Sankar - Monday 311, January

We would recommend Akshaya for its Quality of the project delivery & relationship management, kindness of the chairman & top management team & efficiency of CRM Mr. Kishore.
Gopalan, Padmanabhan & Harish Kumar - Monday M415, January

Job was done very well. The quality was not at all compromised.
Ejaz Ahmed - Monday M415, January

I would recommend Akshaya for its quality of construction
Antony Amirtha Raj - Monday 212, January

I would recommend Akshaya for its transparency and customer attentiveness.
R Anand - Monday 414, January

My specific reasons to recommend Akshaya are the whole buying process and that it is prestigious to own.
Ganesh Venkataraman - K G02, METROPOLIS

Akshaya has got excellent design and spec.
C K Lakshminarayanan - K104, METROPOLIS

Will definitely recommend to my friends and relatives for Akshaya’s quality product.
Karthikeyan V - M406, January

Will definitely recommend to my friends and relatives. Finishing of apartment & overall project is amazing as per brochure.
V gopalakrishnan - Monday M-1307, January

Wonderful experience to deal with Akshaya homes & surely will recommend to my friends and relatives. Transparency in documents measurements of carpet area of the flat
Shantilal Jain - A61, 36 CARAT

Transparency and responsiveness are very evident in every transaction. All the matters are professionally managed at your organisation, for sure I shall recommend to my relatives / friends on purchase from Akshaya.
Sudhagar A - C2 502, Belvedere

Akshaya is a very good builder.
Manoj D - B903, Orbit 11

Quality and transparency. Recommended and made to by B1001
K Ravichandran - B901, Orbit 11

Very good with best services & queries response. Excellent work and quality. Very good qualitative work and proper service facilities.
C Prakasam - G303, METROPOLIS

Good quality of work
Bhanumathi Pegalenthi - F303, METROPOLIS

Well-planned executed apartments. Well behaved staff. Excellent cooperation & coordination from the team.
K.S.Sivakumar - G104, METROPOLIS

Akshaya Appreciations

"Over there is an interaction with the customers revealed that lot of ambiguities persist among home seekers pertaining to rights of ownership, maintenance charges, documentation modalities etc. Also lack of in-depth insight into rules and regulations of civic bodies and other relevant authorities have proved detrimental for some. And we found a latent need for a forum or platform to empower all home aspirants about the finer details essential while buying a home" - quotes Mr. Chitty Babu.

Thus was born Akshaya's Home Facts, an initiative to enlighten all home seekers about his / her rights regarding various aspects that has to be understood before buying an apartment. Akshaya has been conducting workshops on Home Facts for the last 12 years and the initiative is gaining momentum with every passing day.

Akshaya Green-Initiatives
Green Initiative

Akshaya has become a name synonymous with quality and perfection. Every project bearing an Akshaya signature has something unique to offer and stands a class apart. In keeping with this philosophy, we at Akshaya dream of developing a greener tomorrow by building environmentally responsible projects. As an environmentally & socially responsible company, we take pride in making our green dream a reality and we have joined hands with Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), as one of its founding members.

IGBC defines a green building as one which conserves water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building. To achieve this green architecture, we assess the full range of impact on the building process right from planning stage, energy modelling to the implementation of sourcing of raw materials and disposal or recycling. We also take into account embodied energy, global warming potential, resource use, air pollution, water pollution and waste generation. The idea is to reduce the carbon footprint and optimise the usage of all natural resources.

All our projects have been certified with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Green Building rating by IGBC. The 'LEED Ratings' are internationally accepted benchmarks for design, construction and operation of high performance of buildings. As part of our uncompromising standards we'll be building only Green Buildings.

The IGBC privilege we hold is a promise to look beyond the conventional buildings and a step into greener pastures for a harmonious and better tomorrow.

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construction by akshaya

We ensure that all our projects meet the necessary guidelines for the structural stability of the building and are subjected to many quality tests, starting from selection of the site, architects, consultants, vendors, material procurement followed by structural design to meet the quality guidelines set forth by the prevailing norms and codes of the country.

The process followed by Akshaya

  • Selection of the site

    In real estate development, location is an important criteria where we go an extra mile in choosing a right site which will fulfil the requisites for development of a green project.

  • Soil Investigation
    • Soil investigation is carried out right after the project concept is finalized with no. of floors and the building footprint
    • Soil investigation is conducted by reputed agencies after conducting pre qualification analysis
    • The no. of bores for soil testing is marked by the structural consultant
    • We ensure that the max no. of bores is marked within the foot print of the building
  • Structural Design

    Once the soil investigation report is given by the soil testing agencies, the structural consultant will study the soil bearing capacity to decide on the design of the structure. Pre-qualification analysis is done for the structural consultants before appointing them.

    Scope of work
    • Structural design of entire apartment complex with appropriate foundation system as envisaged by Geotechnical consultants
    • To assist in Geotechnical investigation in terms of technical guidance
    • To prepare alternative structural system / suggest alternative light weight blocks to be cost effective and efficient
    • Design of services structures such as Underground Sump / Sewage Treatment Plant / Cable Trenches / Storm Water Drains, Compound Wall etc.
    • To submit design calculations / analytical models such as staad pro / etabs (a program designed for the structural analysis and design of buildings) model for performing peer review by third party engaged by us
    • Design and detailing for landscape related structures such as water bodies / cascades etc.
    • Infrastructural related works such as roads, culverts, pavers / dg foundations etc
    • Submission of bill of quantity / tender bill of quantities / steel bill of quantity for structural related works
    • To recommend suitable mix designs
    • Site visits at least once in a fortnight or as per requirements
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  • Peer review

    On obtaining the load calculations, model frame analysis – using standard software, the structure & foundation is designed. This design is sent for a peer review of other structural consultants of equivalent experience / IIT Chennai for their review of the design calculations. After a thorough check by the peer review consultant & final approval by the peer review consultant, the structural consultant is allowed to prepare the required construction drawings & issue it to the site for construction.

    Scopes of peer review are:
    • Checking the input and output files of staad / etabs analysis, ensuring correctness of loads, load combinations, seismic and wind loads considered for analysis and design pertaining is codes
    • Ensure the correctness of detailing as per the codes
    • To give corrective measures and if any anomaly noticed from the principal design consultants
    • Value engineering to optimize the design / optimize concrete sections and wherever reinforcement is deficient or excess than required as per design
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  • Execution

    We ensure a comprehensive selection process of contractor for execution. The selection process involves various criteria and credentials that is taken into account.

    • Vendors will be identified based on the scope of work / service finalized. Project architects, pmc and technical team suggest vendors for the work
    • Upon internal discussions, final short-listing of vendors is done
    • A pre-qualification process is followed
    • An evaluation criteria will be modified to suit the package / project and the type of services availed. A sign off / approval is done to commence the vendor registration / pre-qualification process
    • Team will notify when the pre- qualified vendors are short–listed
    • Tenders will be floated to the pre-qualified vendors only
    Tender documentation:
    • The pre-qualified vendors need to provide a summary description of quality assurance / quality control programme to be implemented in the performance of work
    Evaluation and award of work:
    • Technical evaluation is done by the project architects and the bidders are rated in terms of technical expertise and their preference to perform
    • On the basis of outcome of technical & commercial evaluation, job order is awarded to the contractor
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  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control

    We prepare a project specific quality control plan and follow to assure the quality of work executed by the contractor. This will be done through a project management consultancy (pmc) appointed by us or directly by Akshaya.

    Quality is assured through the following process:
    • Preparation of quality management plan includes quality control plan, material testing plan, qp adherence and audit report etc.
    • Checklist for all activities are approved by the quality control team before proceeding
    • QA / QC observation & surveillance is done and site observation & conformance report is made
    • If non-conformance of work is noted, a stop work notification is given till the non-conformance is rectified
    • Report is made on corrective and preventive actions taken on the non- conformance
    • Project quality report and regional quality reports are prepared
    • Periodical monitoring of calibration of testing equipment and validation of measuring aids are done for contractors test equipment
    • A trial mix is done to ensure strength of the mix design proposed by the consultant / contractor before proceeding for production
    • Laboratory test is done for the concrete and other building materials to ensure the right quality
    • Periodical internal audits are conducted to ensure that quality is maintained
    • Integrated management systems audit & reporting is another external check for the quality
    • Categorization of defects based on internal Non-Conformance Report and Site Observation & Surveillance Report and ISO 9001 defects is made and reviewed by the top management for action
    • Periodical visit of senior management ensures quality adherence
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  • Handing Over

    We ensure the following documents are given to the customers / association at the time of handing over the project.

    • Soil investigation report
    • Water test report
    • Stability certificate
    • Completion certificate from competent authority
    • As built drawings – architectural / structural / plumbing / electrical etc.
  • 10 Years Maintenance

    Akshaya is the only developer in India that promises 10 years maintenance for all its ongoing projects. Our promise of 10 years maintenance aims to provide you with comfort and peace of mind knowing that your home is being taken care of professionals solely dedicated to maintenance solutions as a core competence. Our maintenance professionals would conduct a periodical check on the building and its amenities to make sure your home remains safe and sound. Rest assured that when you buy a home with us, you are also buying stress-free safe life.

The Creator

Akshaya Founder T. Chitty Babu - Chairman and CEO
T. Chitty Babu - Chairman & CEO

A first-generation entrepreneur, T Chitty Babu founded Akshaya in 1995 with a strong conviction in morals, confidence in skill and clarity in approach. A civil engineer by profession, his immense passion for creating efficient, world-class living spaces for all, saw the birth of Akshaya - a brand that today, is at the heart of real estate development, not just in Chennai, but across the State of Tamil Nadu.

T Chitty Babu believes in the importance of a strong foundation, not just for his projects but for the brand as well. Thus was coined the term Uncompromise - the one word that encompasses the spirit of Akshaya. From a customer-first approach, to defining industry standards. From making innovation a continual process to pioneering outstanding legal systems & ethical business practices. Today Akshaya stands tall as one of the most environmentally conscious and transparent developers in India with innumerable awards and recognitions - Akshaya is one among 11 companies in India to get the Integrated Management Systems (IMS) certification and the only developer in India to have both the IMS and Social Accountability (SA) certifications.

To Chitty Babu, an informed buyer is not a threat, but an ally who helps push the envelope in terms of service and standards. Chitty Babu’s constant rigour to look at the home-buying experience from the customer’s point of view gave rise to the ingenious “Akshaya Home Facts” guidebook on home-buying. Written in simple language, Akshaya Home Facts outlines 50 key factors that every customer must consider before purchasing a home. This novel initiative went on to set an industry benchmark in customer service. For Chitty Babu, this earnest approach gave him something even more endearing - the unflinching trust of his customers.

Akshaya notwithstanding, Chitty Babu has spearheaded multiple initiatives across various industry bodies as well, in different avatars. He has headed key national roles in CREDAI, CII, IGBC and has contributed immensely to the development of the realty sector through active engagement with government and regulatory bodies.

Recognising his efforts in getting the entire Tamil Nadu Chapter members of CREDAI to sign the Code of Conduct (COC) - a self-regulatory and binding moral and ethical code of conducting business amongst members, CREDAI entrusted Chitty Babu to head two specially created cells at the national level - The COC (Code of Conduct) that all developers needed to sign up to be part of this industry body, and the CGRF (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum) that addresses quality and service delivery to customers.

Real estate development is not just brick and mortar for Mr Chitty Babu. He believes that the design of every Akshaya project must bring about harmony in the community that will call it home. Hence, great care is taken in ensuring that the spaces designed are considerate, helpful and accommodating of everyone's needs, not just for the residents of today, but for generations to come.

From international architects to renowned auditors, from the top banks in the country to the strongest NBFCs, from the most reputed contractors to the best legal advisors, every partner is diligently handpicked for each of Akshaya’s projects.

Because, for Mr T Chitty Babu, the search for the better never ends.

And for an Akshaya home, nothing but the best will do.

  • T Chitty Babu Leadership Positions
    • Founding Member of IGBC
    • Chairman of CII Smart City
    • National Secretary, CREDAI
    • President, CREDAI Chennai
    • President, CREDAI Tamil Nadu
    • Chairman of Best Practices at CREDAI
    • Chairman of COC (Code of Conduct), CREDAI
    • Member of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
    • Former Convenor of the Infrastructure Panel of CII Chennai
    • Chairman of CGRF (Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum), CREDAI
    • Member of the CII National Committee on Real Estate & Housing 2015-16
  • Awards and Recognition for Akshaya
    • India's most Reputed Brand in Real Estate 2016
    • Ranked India's No.9 and Tamil Nadu's No.1 Real Estate Developer by Construction Week - Nov 2018
    • Tamil Nadu's only 'Brand Leader in Real Estate' (Track2Realty BrandXReport 2019-20)
    • Awarded Real Estate Company of the year 2021 by Construction Week India Awards
    • CNBC / CRISIL 'Highest Transparency' Award
    • NDTV 'Most Transparent Developer in India' Award
    • Builder's Association of India ‘Outstanding Builder’ Award
    • CNBC/ AWAAZ ‘Best Projects’ Award for multiple projects
    • CNBC / CRISIL ‘Best Legal Systems’ award for 4 years in a row
    • Akshaya ranks among the top 10 real estate & infrastructure companies in India (Construction Week Survey)
    • Akshaya is one of India’s most reputed real estate brands and the only one on the list from Tamil Nadu - Bluebytes & TRA Research
    • Awarded Real Estate Developer of the year 2022 - South at 12th Construction Week India Awards 2022
    • Residential Project of the Year 2022 - South - Akshaya Republic at 12th Construction Week India Awards 2022