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Implosion or 10 Sec demolition: a technique that involves controlled demolition of large urban structures
18th Nov 2016

For the first time in Chennai, a building is being demolished using the 'Implosion technique' (use of controlled explosion). As the ill-fated residential tower at Moulivakkam bites the dust today, it is highly interesting to note how the entire crew goes about planning the spectacular demolition or implosion, which has rather become one of the biggest demolitions of the residential structures in the recent times.
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Budget'17 Big Boost For Real Estate Industry
1st Feb 2017

"It’s a well presented budget that augurs great tidings for the realty sector. Some of the big wins include the 'Infrastructure' status for the affordable housing category, Capital Gains reduced to 2 years and the base year moved from 1981 to 2001, all of which will boost our business greatly.
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How to Buy Your First Home on A Single Income
14th Feb 2017

Buying a home on a single income may look extremely difficult at first, but if you understand the nitty-gritties of the entire lending process and plan a systematic payment strategy, owning your home is quite possible.
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